Winery Hosts & Experts

Food & Wine Trails' unique experiences, whether they be land or cruise programs, are hosted by a variety of well-known wine enthusiasts and experts. From top food & wine magazines to award-winning wineries, each host/hostess is heavily involved within the world of wine as winery owners, winemakers, tasting room managers, writers, certified sommeliers and expert guides . The role of Food & Wine Trails' hosts are to provide our guest with insight, access and a behind-the-kitchen (or cellar) door experiences. A few exciting opportunities where guests will get to spend personal time with Food & Wine Trail's host are during exclusive onboard events such as private receptions, seminar & tastings, wine-paired dinners, casual gatherings and more, featuring the hosts' selection of impeccable wines. Optional bespoke pre-cruise land tours, shore tours at select ports, and post-cruise programs are offered where hosts may join the group! Scroll down to read more about our incredible hosts.

AldenAlli Winery

Dan Kosta
Proprietor of AlenAlli Winery

Aridus Wine Company

Mark Stern
Director of Sales & Business Development of Aridus Wine Company

August West Wine

Ed Kurtzman
Winemaker of August West Wine

Beauregard Vineyards

Ryan Beauregard
Winemaker of Beauregard Vineyards

Bennett Lane Winery

Lisa & Randy Lynch
Owners of Bennett Lane Winery

Stefanie Longton
General Manager of Bennett Lane Winery

Chimney Rock

Elizabeth Vianna
Winemaker and General Manager of Chimney Rock Winery

Christopher Creek Winery

Dominic Foppoli
Co-Owner & CEO of Christopher Creek Winery

Corner 103

Lloyd Davis
Owner of Corner 103

Davis Family Vineyards

Guy Davis
President and Winemaker of Davis Family Wine

Donum Estate

Dan Fishman
Winemaker of Donum Estate

Food & Wine Trails' Host and Wine Experts

Filippo Magnani
Italian Guide, Wine Educator and WSET Certified

Kelly McAuliffe
Sommelier and French Wine Expert

Foxen Vineyard & Winery

Dick Dore
Founder & Co-Owner and General & Sales Manager of Foxen Vineyard & Winery

Jenny Williams-Dore
Marketing & Sales of Foxen Vineyard & Winery

Fritz Underground Winery

Clay Fritz
Proprietor of Fritz Underground Winery

Harmony Cellars

Chuck & Kim Mulligan
Winery Owners of Harmony Cellars

Hartford Family Winery & La Crema

Don Hartford
President of Hartford Family Winery

Haley Jackson Hartford- Murray
Certified Wine Specialist

Hess Collection

Dave Guffy
Director of Winemaking of The Hess Collection

Hill Family Estate

Ryan & Nicole Hill

Husic Vineyards

Frank & Julie Husic
Proprietors of Husic Vineyards

Ideology Cellars

Bob& Joni Williamson
Owners of Ideology Cellars

James Family Cellars

Jeff & Judy James
Winemaker & Owners of James Family Cellars

Jeff Cohn Cellars

Jeff & Alex Cohn
Owners & Winemaker of Jeff Cohn Cellars

Joseph Swan Vineyards

Rod & Lynn Berglund
Winemaker of Joseph Swan Vineyards

Ketcham Estate

Allie Ketcham
Owner of Ketcham Estate

Renee Graves
Director of Happiness of Ketcham Estate

Leonetti Cellar

Amy Figgins
Estate Manager & Partner of Leonetti Cellar

MTGA Wines

Mike & Brittany Anderson
Winemaker & Owners of MTGA Wines

Newsome Harlow

Scott & Melanie Klann
Winemaker & Owners of Newsome Harlow Wines

O'Brien Estate Winery

Bart & Barb O'Brien
Owners of O'Brien Estate Winery

Palmaz Vineyard

Florencia Palmaz
Co-Founder & Partner of Palmaz Vineyards

Papapietro Perry

Yolanda & Ben Papapietro and Bruce & Renae Perry
Owners of Papapietro Perry

Paumanok & Palmer Vineyards

Charles & Ursula Massoud
Owners of Paumanok & Palmer Vineyards

Ramey Wine Cellars

David & Carla Ramey
Winemake & Owners of Ramey Wine Cellars

Red Stitch Wines

Rich & Amy Kosta
Co-Owners of Red Stitch Wines

Rutherford Hill

Marissa Taylor
Winemaker of Rutherford Hill Winery

Schramsberg & Davies Vineyards

Hugh & Monique Davies
Vintners of Schramsberg Vineyards & Davies Vineyards

Sonoma Media Investments

Steve Falk
CEO of Sonoma Media Investments

Stephen Family Wines

Seana& Justin Hunnicutt Stephens
Proprietor and Managing Partner

Tablas Creek Vineyard

Jason Hass
Partner and General Manager of Tablas Creek Vineyard

Neil Collins
Executive Winemaker & Vineyard Manager of Tablas Creek Vineyard

Tamber Bey Vineyards

Barry and Jennifer Waitte
Vintners of Tamber Bey Vineyards

TATE Winery

David & Suzanne Tate
Winemaker & Owners of TATE Winery

The Vineyard House

Amy Ash
General Manager of The Vineyard House

Craig Norris
Partner & Director of Sales/Operations of The Vineyard House

Jeremy Nickel
Proprietor of The Vineyard House

V. Sattui Winery

Tom Davies
President of V. Sattui Winery

Williamson Wines

Bill & Dawn Williamson
Owners of Williamson Wines

Sam Williamson
Brand Ambassador of Williamson Wines

Wilson Artisan Wines

Ken & Diane Wilson
Propreitor & Winemaker of Wilson Artisan Wines

Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP)

Doug & Nancy Beckett
Proprietors & Founding Vintners of Peachy Canyon

Michael McCay
Owner & Winemaker of McCay Cellars