Clay Fritz

In the late 1970s our winemaking facility was built into the side of a picturesque hill atop the northernmost region of the famed Dry Creek Valley. My father, Arthur Fritz, designed the facility with an incredible foresight I am bless to be in charge of today. We operate with a modern sensibility for efficiency and awareness by utilizing the unique attributes of our subterranean design. We are fortunate that naturally cool temperatures, ideal for winemaking and cellaring, are maintained without any use of expensive or carbon-heavy devices common to most modern wine production! What's more, as a three-tiered structure, we're able to further cut down on energy usage by capitalizing on the always plentiful presence of gravity. By harnessing gravity to move our juice from the crush pad down to the tanks and barrels, we're not only saving energy by forgoing pumps. we're also saving our precious juice from the detrimental effects of excessive pulsation and buffeting. It's in this way that the delicate nuances present in our Zinfandels, Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Noirs and other prized estate fruit is maintained and then nurtured by our winemaker, Brad Longton. This imperishable masterpiece represents a viticultural passion for sustainability, quality and tradition. Come visit - we look forward to welcoming you!