Hailey Jackson Hartford-Murray

Hailey Jackson Hartford Murray is the daughter of Jennifer Jackson Hartford and Don Hartford and part of the Jackson Wine family that owns La Crema Winery. Hailey, Don, Jennifer, and Hailey’s brother MacLean are also sole owners of Hartford Family Winery.

Hailey grew up with a small 8 acre, 100 year old Zinfandel Vineyard in her back yard. Some of her fondest memories are of playing hide and seek amongst the old vines as a child. As an adult, Hailey has worked harvests at Wineries on four Continents: in California, Bordeaux, France, Chile, and in Australia. She has a biology degree from Scripps College. Prior to starting at Scripps, Hailey took a year off to work her first harvests in France and Chile, but always thought that she would attend Veterinary school after graduation. Instead, after graduation, Hailey, quickly fell in love with Wine and her future husband Max Murray while working a harvest at Hartford Family Winery in the Russian River Valley.

Bitten by the Wine bug, Hailey and Max have since traveled to McClaren Vale in South Australia to work the 2015 harvest. Different varietals in Australia and a totally new terroir proved fascinating to both Hailey and Max. Since then, Hailey has become a Certified Wine Specialist, and she and Max rounded out their oenological experiences with a second incredible harvest in Bordeaux, France. Excited to see what lies ahead, Hailey is now focusing on learning more about wine sales & marketing.

  • Hailey Jackson Hartford-Murray

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