Lloyd Davis

Lloyd Davis, Owner, grew up in a family that regularly enjoyed wine with meals. He spent over 30 years in the financial services world before getting bit by the wine bug and taking control of Viansa Winery in 2008. Since he always had a passion for wine and food, owning Viansa gave him the best of both worlds. He built Viansa into a very profitable company and under his leadership, Viansa wines won over 500 wine competition medals, many for “Best in Class”. He sold Viansa in 2013 and founded Corner 103 as a result of his passion for wine and recognizing that most people are intimidated by it.

Corner 103 is all about creating a unique educational experience where wine is explored and discussed in a friendly, seated, relaxed and fun environment. During the tasting experience, guests will explore seven wines from different American Viticulture Area’s (AVA’s) in Sonoma County. Guests will learn about that AVA and what varietals grow best there. Corner 103 wines highlight the best of each AVA. In addition, guests will learn how to taste wine, what glass it should be serve in, the correct temperature in which it should be served and how wine and food work together to bring out distinct flavor characteristics.

Lloyd is committed to making Corner 103 a “must visit” for all wine lovers, whether expert or novice, coming to Sonoma Valley. When you finish this tasting experience, you will become a “fan” and be able to impress your friends with the depth

  • Lloyd Davis