Barry Waitte

Barry Waitte is a serial entrepreneur, leads by example, and follows his passions in his personal and professional pursuits. Barry’s professional career started when he landed a job at a very young Apple Computer in 1980. He worked for Apple for 14 years. After Apple, Barry helped launch more than a dozen companies over a 10-year period, and in one case founded and managed a company that was eventually sold to Microsoft in 2005.

A native Northern Californian, developed his love of the wine country during visits and vacations to Napa Valley with his parents. Barry moved to Napa in 1999, and began making wine in 2001 under the Tamber Bey Vineyards label.

Throughout his life, Barry has maintained a passion for sports. In the late 1990s, he started to compete in an Endurance Horse Racing, which is 50-100 mile single-day cross-county horse races on one horse. Barry has competed all over the world, and won the Gold Medal at the North American Championship in 2004, and won the 100 Mile National Championship in 2005 in Montana. The name “Tamber Bey” is derived from his first two Arabian horses, Tamborina and Bayamo.

Barry is a graduate of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and UC Berkeley (MBA), and later completed continued studies in viticulture and enology atUC Davis when entering the wine business.

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