Custom Trip Planning

Food & Wine Trails “Customized Trip Planning” bypasses the tour wholesaler and uses our expertise, purchasing power and worldwide contacts to give you the perfect itinerary, a private wine tour. The advantage is that you end up with an individualized vacation that you can count on, using pre-vetted hotels and suppliers at frequently less expensive prices than arranging the trip on your own or buying a prearranged tour. So whether you're looking for private wine tours or an epicurean tour in Italy with your small group we have you covered.

What is a custom trip?

A custom trip is created expressly for you, compared with an already created pre-set, trip package. With a custom trip, we can create the perfect itinerary by using our extensive experience, worldwide purchasing power and contacts to bypass the tour wholesaler completely. Your individualized vacation consists of pre-vetted hotels and suppliers at prices frequently less than if you were to book on your own or if you were to rely on a pre-designed, mass-market travel package. This includes private wine tours and food travel. It's all customized for you and your group.

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