Florencia Palmaz

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Florencia has a passion for food and wine that came to light when she was studying biology at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. “I started cooking all the time to relax, and started a cooking group with my biology study partners,” she says. “The wine followed the food as a natural accompaniment.”

At Palmaz Vineyards, Florencia collaborates with the winemaking team to direct the style of the wines produced. “My years in the kitchen influence our wines, with each bottle designed to be shared with family and friends over a meal,” she says. In addition, she oversees the culinary program at Palmaz, where her laughter can be heard emanating from the kitchen.

Florencia’s interest in food and wine has led her to establish two culinary-related ventures with her mother, Amalia: Haute at Home, a national catalog company that offers gourmet foods for in-home dining; and GoodHeart Brand Specialty Foods Co., which produces top-quality prepared foods and meats. She is also the author of the forthcoming cookbook and entertaining guide PALMAZ VINEYARDS: At the Table and Around the Fire (New York City, Mad/Dash Press, winter 2015).

Florencia divides her time between Napa and San Antonio;her hobbies include sailing, cooking and rowing. Her son, Nicholas, is the first member of the third generation to roam the Palmaz vineyards.

  • Florencia Palmaz

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