Scott Klann

Anyone who's tasted Scott Klann's creations immediately senses that this is a man who knows his art, but won't ever rub you face in it. Everywhere he goes, Scott leaves a trail of beautifully crafted, accessible wines that please the palates of aficionados and amateurs alike.

His more than two decades as a winemaker - starting as a cellar rat and moving up the ladder to become winemaker at some of the Sierra Foothills most notable wineries - has helped put Calaveras county wines on the map. Among Newsome Harlow's biggest assets are the relationships that Scott has developed over his many years in the business. These relationships allow access to some of the finest vineyards in not just the Sierra Foothills but throughout the entire state of California. Newsome Harlow is recognized as having some of the best wines in Calaveras, and produces over 5,000 cases of Syrah, Petite Sirah, Sauvignon Blanc and five signature Zinfandels that sell out each year.

  • Scott Klann