You might have tasted Spanish wine at home; however, nothing compares to going right to the source. The amazing wine tours in Spain allow you to walk right over the terroir that grows the incredible grapes, discuss the production with the winemaker themselves, and, of course, sample the wine just steps from where it was produced.

Spain is certainly not short on amazing vineyards, but there are a few that are simply unmissable for your wine club to visit. Any wine tour in Spain that incorporates these incredible vineyards is sure to be an utter delight.

So, here are six of our favorite Spanish vineyards – and why you simply have to take your wine club to visit them.


A visit to Bodega Baigorri is truly heavenly for those who love the finer things in life. It goes without saying that this vineyard produces exceptional wines – it has quite the trophy cabinet. Recent awards include the best rioja variety at the Decanter World Wine Awards, and the best Spanish Vineyard at AWC Vienna.

The outstanding wine is just the beginning, though. It’s best sipped while enjoying the incredible view from Baigorri’s famous “glass box”. The architecturally designed cellar door has wrap-around windows, offering panoramic views over the vineyard and landscape.

If you can draw your eyes away from the fabulous views, you’ll be treated to a sumptuous and informative wine tasting led by one of the expert staff.


There’s undeniably a certain thrill that comes with visiting family-owned bodegas on your wine tour in Spain. If this is what you’re looking for, then you’re sure to be delighted by what Gaintza offers its guests.

Located in Spain’s beautiful Basque region, Gaintza opened in 1923, but has been on the cutting edge of wine production ever since. They are particularly famous for their txakoli, a unique specialty indigenous to the Basque region. The current family team is fourth-generation producers of txakoli, although there is even more for wine lovers to sample.

While Gaintza is true to the traditional values of their ancestors, they are also quick to move with the times. An impressive renovation in 2012 means that this winery effortlessly blends the old and new, to create an offering that you shouldn’t miss during your time in Spain.

Parés Baltà

Nestled in a small village between Bilbao and Zaragoza, there are many reasons why you should not miss Parés Baltà on your wine club’s tour. Since 1970, the same family has operated this vineyard, giving it a family feel.

After you receive a warm welcome at the door, you can expect to try some absolutely unforgettable wines and cava (sparkling). Some of the unique characteristics of Parés Baltà’s wine includes that there is an emphasis on organic wine, as well as the varied altitude. This means that there is an amazing variety in terroir, and therefore, flavor.

The staff at Parés Baltà make a huge effort to explain the entire production process. After your wine club has enjoyed some delicious wine, you may also venture to try the olive oil and cheeses, which are also produced on the property.

Bodegas Tradición

A big part of what makes Spain such an amazing wine destination is its history. Few countries can boast the wine-making credentials of this country, with its centuries of wine production (and enjoyment).

To really get a feel for how expansive Spain’s wine history is, there are few better places to visit than Bodegas Tradición. The origins and inspiration for this vineyard can be traced all the way back to 1650, although its current owner took the reins only recently.

Since its early days, Bodegas Tradición has been known for its sherry, which is popular throughout the Jerez region. Although they also offer other wines, your wine club really cannot miss the chance to sample some of this unique variety. Afterall, there are few better places to try it than at this historic vineyard.

Marqués de Riscal

At first glance, it is the unique architecture of Marqués de Riscal that captures your attention. Designed by world renowned architect Frank Gehry, the roof seems to roll like waves – a unique addition the surrounding Rioja Alavesa landscape. However, what lies inside the building is even better.

It is, in many ways, a heaven for wine-loving guests. Despite its modern appearance, the winery was actually founded more than 150 years ago and has built a phenomenal name for itself.

In particular, its flagship wine, the Barón de Chirel Reserva, is coveted all over Europe and beyond. However, it is just one of many fabulous wines from this producer.

You’ll be welcome to try them all during a visit in the cellar. A simple tasting is a delight, introducing you to the winery and their innovative methods for production. Or, you may like to add a delicious meal at their delicious restaurant, Asador Terrea.

Mesquida Mora

Looking for incredible wine, produced, and refined in Spain’s island paradise of Mallorca? You’re in luck. That’s exactly what you can expect with a visit to Mesquida Mora. So, if your wine club would like to sample some unique, tasty wine while also taking in the views of Mallorca, pay this vineyard a visit.

It’s no secret that terroir is one of the most important factors in wine production, and few know it better than Barbara, the owner of Mesquida Mora. Born and bred on Mallorca, she set about creating a selection of wines that honor the environment. The result is a tasting list that is unique, balanced and truly memorable.

All in all, there’s no doubt that when paying a visit to this beautiful winery, your wine club will enjoy a unique experience that is sure to be remembered (and discussed!) for years to come.

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