There is a certain vivaciousness about beautiful Spain. This love of life translates not only into the country’s culture, but also into its brilliant wine and food. It’s never apologetic and always delicious; big on flavor and with many unique features. It’s no wonder that shared tapas plates are so popular in Spain – you’ll want to try as much as possible – and always accompanied by vino!

A Diverse Wine Experience

Along with France and Italy, Spain is one of the world’s largest and oldest producers of wine. Despite its hot and dry climate, the terrain is ideal for wine production and there are over 400 different varietals planted throughout the country. It’s an incredible delight if you are looking to try a variety of old and new wine varietals, as there is a mix of old producers as well as up-and-coming wineries.

Perhaps the country’s most famous wine region is Rioja, which, unsurprisingly produces reds – especially Tempranillo. However, there is much more to discover and enjoy, from the sumptuous whites of Galicia, or perhaps the proudly independent region of Catalonia, which produces some of Europe’s best sparkling wine, known as Cava.

Food So Good You’ll Need a “Siesta”

The Spanish passion for life is not only seen in the country’s wine, but also its spectacular food. The many invasions of Spain over thousands of years meant the cuisine was shaped by people from all over the world and is an incredible mix of flavors and styles. The end result is a cuisine which is rich, diverse, and delicious.

Classics such as paella are always a hit, while small tapas plates give you the opportunity to sample a variety of different dishes. Like most Spanish meals, they are best accompanied with a delicious vino – something that is certainly not hard to come by. If you’re looking for something simpler, a plethora of bustling markets sell fresh produce as well as charcuterie and delicatessen goods – perfect for a DIY platter.

Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure – you’ll leave Spain with incredible enthusiasm for not just their food and wine, but for their general approach to life.

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Parmeson Wines
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