Epicurean tours are a great way to combine your love of travel and your love of wine. They offer the unique opportunity to take in the sights of a new place, along with the flavors of some of the world’s premier wineries.

This year, eight renowned wineries will be playing host to fabulous epicurean tours. This will give you the chance to sample their best wines, while also meeting other wine-loving guests and seeing some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

O’Brien Estate

Napa Valley-based producers O’Brien Estate will be hosting a luxurious cruise through the Caribbean in 2020.

A label that doesn’t need an introduction to many wine fans, they are one of the most awarded producers in California. Amongst their slew of awarded wines is the 2013 Unrestrained Bordeaux Blend, which received an exceptional 98 points from Robert Parker of Wine Advocate.

The opportunity to explore the beautiful Caribbean and sample O’Brien Estate’s wines is particularly exciting given the rarity of their label. As a boutique, family-owned producer, O’Brien Estate is not sold at any retail outlets.

This means the 2020 Caribbean cruise is an exciting opportunity to sample some of the Napa Valley’s best, and most exclusive, wines in an incredibly beautiful setting.

Alden Alli

Alden Alli, Sonoma-based producers, is thrilled to be hosting a wine tour of Australia and New Zealand in partnership with Red Stitch winery.

This winery began as the passion project of two wine-loving families, the Kostas and the Lagosses. Having enjoyed many a Sonoma wine together, they decided to begin producing their own reds and whites.

Their wine honors the distinct characteristics of the Sonoma region, resulting in drops that are complex yet subtle. In particular, Alden Alli produces a number of exceptional pinot noirs — although there is plenty of variety.

You will certainly get to experience this variety if you join the winery for a cruise through the premier wine regions and attractions of Australia and New Zealand.

Red Stitch

In partnership with Alden Alli, Red Stitch Wines will be co-hosting the tour through Australia and New Zealand. They, too, are Sonoma-based producers.

Another similarity is that Red Stitch is the joint effort of three wine-loving families. The Aurilias, Miceks, and Roberts – in partnership with winemaker Rolando Herrera – work together to produce exceptional wines.

In particular, Red Stitch offers an excellent selection of chardonnay, pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon. Many of these wines have been highly lauded by commentators including James Laube of Wine Spectator.

As a boutique producer, this epicurean tour presents an incredible opportunity to sample Red Stitch’s wines while also enjoying the sights ‘down under’!

Wilson Artisan Wines

Operating under the umbrella of Wilson Artisan Wines, this family of producers are amongst the world’s premier wineries. For a fabulous tour of beautiful Tahiti, three of the group’s wineries will be hosting: Wilson Winery of Dry Creek, Matrix Winery, and deLorimier Winery.

This variety presents an incredible opportunity to sample many of the fantastic flavors and characteristics that Wilson Artisan Wines has become known for.

Each of the wineries hail from Northern California. While they all have their own distinct characteristics, there is also a common thread: a commitment to excellence and really, really good wine.

This group will certainly ensure that during the tour of stunning Tahiti, a beautiful Pacific Island, you will enjoy some of the best wines from Northern California.

Leonetti Cellar

This family-run winery has been described as “Washington state’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon producer” by Robert Parker of Wine Advocate – so you should definitely find out what all the fuss is about.

There’s no better way to do so than to join Leonetti Cellar on a cruise around beautiful Tahiti, a true island paradise in the Pacific.

The winery was first opened by Gary and Nancy Figgins in 1977, with Gary at the helm. The winery quickly established itself as a producer of exceptional wine, making huge waves in Washington and further afar.

Gary handed over the reins in 2001, however, current winemaker Chris Figgins has stayed true to his father’s vision. The cellar remains true to its values of exceptional wine, produced with passion and expertise.

It will certainly be a treat to sample them while cruising through the beautiful South Pacific.

Joseph Swan

Sonoma-based producer, Joseph Swan Winery, will be hosting a fabulous epicurean tour from Budapest (Hungary) to Passau (Germany) in partnership with Moshin Vineyards.

Located in the famed Russian River region, Joseph Swan has been producing exceptional wine for more than half a century. Originally under the direction of Joseph Swan himself, the winery is today owned by Rod and Lynn Berglund.

Together, they have remained true to Joe’s original vision while also embracing new approaches and ideas. As a result, Joseph Swan remains one of the region’s premier producers.

The winery produces pinot noir, chardonnay, syrah and zinfandel – and you can expect to try the best of it while on the epicurean tour.

Moshin Vineyards

Acting as co-hosts along with Joseph Swan Winery, Sonoma-based Moshin Vineyards will be welcoming guests for an epicurean tour from Budapest to Passau.

Like Joseph Swan, they have a long history of producing exceptional wines in the famed Russian River region.

Over the past thirty years, they have notched up an impressive list of awards, including numerous double gold medals from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

They are known for their varietals including pinot noir, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, zinfandel and merlot. A recent addition, rosé of pinot noir, has been exceptionally well-received.

The 2020 epicurean tour presents an exciting opportunity to get to know this brilliant, family-owned producer.

Zinfandel Advocates & Producers

In 2020, you can join Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP) on an epicurean tour of two of the world’s premier wine regions – Bordeaux, France and La Basque, Spain.

ZAP is a group of over 100 American wine producers passionate about the grape varietal Zinfandel. A once unknown and overlooked variety, Zinfandel is today one of America’s most popular grapes.

It’s no wonder. There are a great many sub-varieties of Zinfandel, including White Zinfandel and Zinfandel “Big Style”, as the grape is versatile and well-regarded.

Not only does zinfandel have exceptional flavor, but it also has a fascinating history. This history is sure to be shared by ZAP, over plenty of glasses of ‘America’s grape’.

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