Life is good in Greece. Picture the Mediterranean sun in full flight, shining down on vine-covered verandahs. Below them, families and loved ones gather to enjoy delicious wine and lovingly prepared food.

After all, food and wine in Greece are, at its heart, a family affair. As a result, meals are prepared with a genuine passion that is almost unrivalled throughout the world. Whether you’re enjoying a delectable romantic meal with your partner or enjoying a get together with your extended family, these two elements are always the centerpiece.

It’s no surprise that Greek gastronomy is a total delight, considering it’s been developed over thousands of years. Even the Ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about the value of good cuisine, and things have only gone up in the millennia since.

Wine in Greece

Wine-producing countries like France and Spain may be proud of their centuries of wine production, however that pales in comparison to Greece. It was the Ancient Greeks who first discovered the joy of a good bottle of wine, meaning the nation has a winemaking history that stretches some 4,000 years.

Despite the sheer length of time that Greece has been producing wine, their bottles have typically flown under the radar. Until the 1980s, most Greek wine was consumed domestically, with little making it beyond the borders.

All that is certainly changing, however. Buoyed partly by a tourism boom which saw the masses introduced to lively wines like Santorini’s famous Assyrtiko, the secret is out. Increasingly, wine is being carted internationally in suitcases – and popping up in wine stores and restaurants all over.

Greece’s white wines are particularly inviting, full of vitality and perfect for enjoying in the warmer months. The reds are a bit more of a mixed bag, although the island of Crete in particular is establishing a name for itself with some delectable GSMs.

One thing is for sure – now is a great time to try Greek wine, as it is standing on the cusp of greatness.

Food in Greece

While Greek wine may have taken a little longer to catch on globally, Greek cuisine has long taken the world by storm.

Greek cuisine largely reflects the fabulous way of life. There are hearty, delicious meals that will remind you of your grandmother’s cooking and fill you up. Then there’s the shared plates, meals that are designed to be enjoyed along with the company of your loved ones.

After all, life is good in Greece. The beautiful Mediterranean climate lends itself to enjoying delicious meals outside, surrounded by loved ones – and perhaps with an open bottle of wine (or many) on the table. Meals are prepared lovingly, and to be deeply enjoyed.

From delicious shared platters overflowing with treats like tzatziki dip and vine-wrapped dolmadakia, to hearty deliciousness like the classic moussaka, Greek food will leave a memorable impression. It’s not just eating it that brings a smile – but also the act of preparing it. This is food as it should be.