Enjoying a wine cruise is not limited to a specific season – but we must admit that July is a particularly special time of year. Under the summer sun, destinations in the northern hemisphere are at their sparkling best. So, if you’re lucky enough to be planning a fabulous summer destination this July – here’s our five best wine cruises to inspire you.

1. The Hess Collection 2020 Mediterranean Wine Cruise

Mark off most of the world’s premier wine-producing regions on one utterly fabulous cruise with the Hess Collection 2020. This remarkable trip will let you explore the southern coast of gastronomic heavyweights Spain, France, Monaco and Italy.

Sample the sumptuous cuisine of these amazing regions side-by-side, where you can appreciate their distinct approaches and flavors. Also on board, you’ll enjoy special events and tastings hosted by wine expert, Dave Guffy.

The cruise departs from lively Barcelona, the bustling capital of Spain’s Catalonia region and one of the world’s great metropolises. You surely can’t leave without trying a tapa or two or a fabulous rioja before we continue onwards to the island of Mallorca for some rest and relaxation (and wine, of course).

From here, get a taste of the good life as the ship docks first in stunning Provence – one of France’s most renowned wine regions, and then it moves onto glamorous Monte Carlo in Monaco. There’s another stop in France – this time in Antibes along the French Riviera – before it’s off to Italy.

Few countries take their food and wine as seriously as Italy, and the passion can be found in every restaurant, café, and the like. Be marvelled by the stunning Cinque Terra before moving on to enjoy the wonders – many of them culinary – of Florence, Pisa and Tuscany. Finally, the trip stops in beautiful Rome, a city known for its history, architecture, and of course – food.

2. The Vineyard House 2020 Mediterranean Wine Cruise

The Mediterranean has long been considered a special kind of paradise for food and wine lovers, and this amazing cruise is what gastronomic dreams are made of. Encompassing the Mediterranean’s most well-known regions as well as a few surprises and hosted by the team at The Vineyard House, it’s a real treat.

While on board the newly refurbished SIRENA, you’ll enjoy exclusive tastings and events. Even more fun awaits on shore, with the amazing destinations this cruise calls in at.

The vacation begins in Verona, Italy – a place well known for its dramatic flair as well as its love for fine food. It’s then onto spectacular Venice, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unique destinations on earth.

The cruise then continues onto legendary Dubrovnik, the spectacular walled city. While it is its views that are most famous, the surrounding area also produces some exceptional wine – and especially Zinfandel. After this stop, there is a day cruising the Ionian sea which is punctuated by a fabulous tasting from our hosts.

SIRENA next enters the waters of Greece, and lucky guests will experience a number of the breathtaking islands including legendary Santorini and Mykonos, as well as Gythion and Corfu. The ship then returns to Italy, where there’s even more opportunity to taste the greatness before the journey ends in bustling Rome.

3. Schramsberg & Davies Vineyards 2020 Northern Europe Wine Cruise

While it is always a pleasure to offer cruises of Europe’s best-known food and wine destinations, we also love introducing our guests to more hidden gems. That’s why we are so excited to offer this cruise of Northern Europe, which will feature a portfolio of more unexpected destinations.

Our ports of call on this cruise are all undergoing a foodie revolution, and free from the shackles of tradition, are not afraid to push the envelope. That’s what makes this trip – our third vintner-hosted cruise – so exciting.

The cruise begins in sleek and beautiful Stockholm, the enigmatic and stylish capital of Sweden. Here, you’ll sample the unique cuisine and also have the opportunity to join the Schramsberg & Davies Welcome Reception.

From here, it’s onwards to Tallinn, the much-underappreciated capital of Estonia. Emerging from many years of communism, it is a city undergoing a resurgence and it’s certainly an exciting time to visit. The next stop is then in unique St Petersburg, the utterly beautiful Russian city which promises to be one of our most fascinating stops.

After departing Russia, a full day at sea gives you the opportunity to enjoy a sumptuous tasting from Schramsberg, before arriving in historic Gdynia in Poland. We soon return to Scandinavia with a stop in Copenhagen, Denmark, before cruising the historic southern coast of England and finishing in the sprawling metropolis of London.

4. Christopher Creek, Fritz & Ketcham 2020 Mediterranean Wine Cruise

Prepare to be dazzled with this sumptuous classical Mediterranean itinerary, which will introduce you to the spectacular sights, tastes and feels of this magical part of the world. Hosted by winemakers from three wineries, this is an epic wine tour not to be missed.

The cruise departs from the historic capital Rome, before gliding along the coast, stopping to enjoy the treats of Amalfi and Sicily along the way. The cuisine of these region needs no introduction, while even more treats await on board.

It’s then on to the unique capital of Malta, Valletta; a city that is small, but mighty, with historic attractions and unique cuisine that draws on influences from around the world.

After a day’s cruising the Mediterranean while tasting the sumptuous wine of our hosts, it’s then onto the glorious islands of Ibiza and Mallorca in Spain. The next stop, Barcelona, will also host the Winemakers Dinner, which is sure to be a highlight.

Fresh from the joys of this evenings, the final stops on this cruise are glamorous delights. This includes Provence, Saint Tropez and finally Monte Carlo; all known as playgrounds for the rich and famous. Life is certainly good along the Mediterranean and on this wine tour.

5. Aridus Wine Company 2020 Mediterranean Wine Cruise

There’s plenty to get excited about with this fabulous wine cruise throughout the Mediterranean. For the first time, we welcome Aridus Wine Company as hosts. Originally from California, the owners of the winery have since moved to Arizona where they are at the forefront of wine production in the growing region.

This unique fusion of “new world” hosts guiding us through the “old world” of the Mediterranean is sure to be a unique treat. As we cruise through some of the world’s most established wine regions, we’ll also have the opportunity to sample the delectable produce from Aridus Wine Company.

The cruise will kick off from glitzy Monte Carlo, famous for opulent events and the glittering casino. It’s certainly a fitting destination for our Aridus Welcome Reception. From there, we travel onwards to Florence, Pisa and Tuscany, which enjoy well-deserved places at the top of any food and wine lover’s bucket list.

The delights of Italian food and wine can be further enjoyed in historic Rome and beautiful Portofino. From here, we make an overnight stop in stunning Marseille, the heart of France’s world-renowned Aix-en-Provence region.

Finally, we cruise on to visit the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza; two Spanish gems that offer natural beauty and ample gastronomic delights. Finally, this wine cruise ends in the bustling metropolis of Barcelona. Known for its many delights – from tapas to salsa – this is a fitting last stop for this wonderful wine cruise.

Are you ready to travel in July 2020? Check out one of these cruises for a getaway to remember!