Proprietor - Tobin Heminway
Tobin Heminway, Founder Jay Heminway’s daughter, grew up between the vines at Green & Red Winery. Prior to taking over the vineyard operations, Tobin lived in New York where she produced and edited films with a degree from NYU. Eventually she transitioned to operating Nest Decor, a successful interior design firm in New York and Rhode Island. Jay and Tobin had long planned for her to take charge at Green & Red and Tobin has been active here for many years, working annual harvests and tending the bottling line.

Counsel, Cellar Rat, Husband - Ray Hannigan
Ray was practicing law — real estate litigation in New York City — until January of 2020 when he and owner Tobin made the long-planned plunge and moved to Napa Valley to take over Green & Red. Growing up in an Italian family, where food and wine were key parts of life, Ray has dreamed of making fine wine at Green & Red Winery. Ray wears many hats at Green & Red, acting as counsel, “Cellar Rat,” under Winemaker Aaron Whitlatch, and supportive husband to owner Tobin Heminway.