Before joining Gamble in 2017, Melissa was the hospitality director at Tres Sabores Winery in Rutherford for over three years. She single handedly put the boutique winery on the map as one of the hidden gems in Napa Valley. She managed her sales team and sat in on blending wine sessions and created a direct-to-consumer program for the winery, while also hosting clients.

Melissa’s career in the wine industry started when she helped open City Winery in her native Chicago in 2012. As Wine Captain, she hosted food and wine educational seminars and wine experiences for clients and staff. Her dedication, passion and hunger for wine knowledge brought her to Napa Valley to open a City Winery location in 2014. As the head Sommelier and wine buyer, she oversaw the award-winning 1300 bottle wine list, and taught private wine classes and managed events. She was part of the creative team that crafted the multi-city membership winery concept.

Today Melissa Bandel is a Private Client Manager at Gamble Family Vineyards. In addition to welcoming guests to the winery in Oakville, she leads marketing and sales campaigns for her team. Melissa has a passion for hospitality and enjoys traveling the U.S. to visit clients at private dinners and special events. When not working at Gamble, she loves spending time outdoors with her husband, two little boys and her big red Irish Doodle, Rosie.

Fun fact, Melissa is a certified by VinPrtugal and Master Sommerlier Doug Frost for the Wines of Portugal ‘Academia do Vinho” Level 3 Advanced Course and she hold the certification level by Court of Master Sommelier.