Both John and Shelly grew up on dairy farms in California’s Central Valley. Married in 1992, they continued in the dairy business until they had the opportunity to sell in 2017. During that 25 years they raised their four children, all of whom spent many years working on the farm. Selling the dairy farm presented John and Shelly with another opportunity; this time to own and operate another family business with more of a farm to table(or glass) focus. This would allow them to concentrate on small batch, handcrafted wines and direct to consumer relationships. John is now the official winemaker after spending two years making wine under the guidance of two local winemakers. Having been raised with a farming background, John and Shelly realize that the wine is made in the vineyard and not the winery. A minimalistic approach in the winery allows each vintage to represent the year it was grown. It is an honor and a privilege for them to
present their wines for you to enjoy on the Douro River Wine Cruise.