As both a co-owner and COO, Dominic is part of a dedicated second-generation of the Chappellet family building on the pioneering legacy of their parents, Donn and Molly Chappellet. Working closely with every department, Dominic oversees all day-to-day operations at the winery and its famed vineyard on Pritchard Hill, while also working alongside his family to shape the next chapter in the Chappellet story.

Dominic was born a year after the winery’s founding, and grew up on Pritchard Hill, where he cultivated an early understanding of the wine industry. After earning degrees in both television studio engineering and digital design graphic technology, Dominic forged his own career path beyond Chappellet before returning to Pritchard Hill in 1999. In the years since, Dominic has worked in almost every facet of the winery, from the vineyard and cellar to sales, marketing and hospitality, while acting as an advocate and brand ambassador for his family’s winery, both on Pritchard Hill and around the country. Dominic has also played an integral role in the guiding vision for Chappellet, both as a member of the Chappellet board for the past two decades and as part of the Chappellet steering committee.

Prior to being named COO in early 2023, Dominic served as the winery’s vice president, managing Chappellet’s direct-to-consumer and marketing programs, as well as its in-house national sales team, which represents Chappellet to almost 50 distributor partners across the US, and in numerous countries around the world. In his role as COO, Dominic underscores the importance of family leadership at Chappellet, while working closely with the vineyard and production teams to constantly raise the bar. A passionate wine connoisseur with a keen palate, Dominic also joins Phillip and his team during blending trials to offer his historic perspective on the evolution of Chappellet’s acclaimed wines.

“Great wineries stay dynamic and endure because they learn and evolve,” says Dominic. “They infuse new energy and ideas, while respecting what has come before. As part of a dedicated second generation, I am honored to help build on our family’s legacy, while preserving what makes Chappellet so remarkable for future generations of our family.” Dominic lives on Pritchard Hill with his wife, Amy, who serves as director of trade relations, and their children, Reese, Diesel, Lukas and William.