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Referred to as "Il Mezzogiorno or "midday", Italy's Puglia region is a sun-drenched gem often overlooked by travelers, but a place that should not be missed by foodies and wine enthusiasts alike. From rustic to Romanesque, this is an ancient, rural land still producing more wine, olive oil and wheat than anywhere else in Italy while also boasting a unique architectural style that combines northern and eastern influences. Here at the heel of Italy's boot you will find a thousand-year-old wine culture brought by the Greeks who planted the first vines. Historically a region based on agriculture, the approach to wine was once abundance over quality and consumption was mostly local. However, over the past 20 years Puglia’s wines have seen a renaissance. Producers have embraced centuries of winemaking tradition while applying modern techniques to craft high-quality wines.

Today you will explore all of these fascinating aspects unique to the heel of Italy's boot, including a wine estate visit for tasting, tours and a wine-paired lunch plus a guided walking tour through Bari.