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This pre-cruise land program is available to book for all confirmed group members. For complete description and pricing contact Food & Wine Trails

Burgundy is arguably the most unique and complex wine region in the world. As a relatively small region it still contains about 500 designated appellations and is where Pinot Noir and Chardonnay reach their peak in elegance. Burgundy is a place rich in history where over a thousand years monks recorded in detail the regions complex terroir, discovering some of the world's greatest vineyards. Just like a great Burgundy unfolds layer by layer in your glass, our pre-cruise program is designed as a journey through history and terroir to help deepen your tasting experience. Our focus will be on the region's most prestigious area known as the Côte d'Or. Traveling from north to south you will explore this area in two parts, the Côtes de Nuits and the Côtes de Beaune, tasting wines from both renowned and lesser known producers.

This 3-night program includes the following highlights:

• 2-night accommodation in a chateau outside Dijon
• 1 night accommodation in an Abbey in Beaune
• Guided tours of Dijon and Beaune
• Wine barrel-making workshop
• multiple wine-tastings and winery visits
• wine-paired lunches & dinner at a Michelin star restaurant
• 1st Class TGV transfer to the ship on embarkation day