Palatine of the Rhine

This shore tour is available to book for all confirmed group members. For a complete description and pricing, contact Food & Wine Trails.

Located between the Rhine River and the Haardt Mountains, sharing its southern border with Alsace, Pfalz is the 2nd largest of Germany’s thirteen Anbaugebeite wine regions and accounts for one of every three bottles produced in the country. Pfalz is a derivation of the Latin word Palatium (which is also why in English it is occasionally referred to as the Palatinate wine region). While Riesling accounts for approximately 43 of the wines produced in the region, red varieties, particularly Dornfelder and Spatbrugunder (Pinot Noir), are on the rise.

Choose from two options available with this tour - visiting two different wineries with tours and tastings, plus a tour of a UNESCO World Heritage castle and lunch.