Exploring England's Sparkling Wines

This pre-cruise package is not yet available for purchase. Specific details for this program are not yet finalized and the tour elements are subject to change. An email announcement will be sent to all group members when the tour is open for sale

Concealed for many years under the guise of British humor, English wine is no longer something to laugh at, although many Brits would like us to continue to think so. They would prefer to keep the local bottle prices down and enjoy their weekend outings to tasting rooms tucked away in the lush English countryside, unfettered by foreign wine enthusiasts such as ourselves. However, the truth is that Southern England is now one of the fastest growing and most exciting wine regions in the world. It is also one of the most pleasurable places to visit, offering centuries of history infused by charming architecture and landscapes, mixed with an abundance of English hospitality and cheer. The result is a 'dosage' worth savoring.

Food & Wine Trails' sommelier extraordinaire, Kelly McAuliffe, will provide you with an introduction to some of the best English sparkling (and some still) wines, along with culinary experiences. This two-night post-cruise package is set in the heart of Winchester with visits to the region's top producers for tastings, tours and wine-paired lunches.