Roman History & the Vineyards of Vesuvius

This shore tour is not yet available for purchase. Specific details for this program are not yet finalized and the tour elements are subject to change. An email announcement will be sent to all confirmed group members 4 to 5 months before departure.

On August 24, AD 79 in the Italian region of Campania the earth began to shake and the volcanic Mount Vesuvius erupted, altering life and land forever. Today you will have the opportunity to experience – and even taste – the monumental effects Mount Vesuvius had on both the past and the present. You will visit ancient ruins of a Roman home that, like the neighboring town of Pompeii, was covered in volcanic ash and preserved in time. You will also visit a family-run winery that sits at the foot of the mountain and taste wines made with grapes grown in the now volcanic soil.