This shore tour is not yet available for purchase. Specific details for this program are not yet finalized and the tour elements are subject to change. An email announcement will be sent to all group members when the tour is open for sale

Your visit today will be on the Sorrentine Peninsula for a very special experience hosted by Master Chef Pappe Guida, with a visit to his personal villa, organic farm and culinary school that overlooks Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.

Chef and cookbook author Peppe Guida is owner and creator of Michelin starred restaurant Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa located just outside Sorrento. His culinary perspective displays a balance of new and old, rooted in local traditions yet innovative an ambitious, all while showcasing superior ingredients, most of which come from his farm located at his private estate Villa Rosa. Today you will visit Villa Rosa led by Peppe himself for a truly exclusive, full sensory experience.

Enjoy a wine-paired lunch on the terrace of his villa with local wines selected by Chef Peppe himself, while you take in the stunning views of the ocean and surrounding landscape.

  • Chef Peppe Guida