A Taste of Buenos Aires

This pre-cruise land tour is not yet available for purchase. Specific details for this program are not yet finalized and the tour elements are subject to change. An email announcement will be sent to all confirmed group members 8 to 9 months before departure.

This pre-cruise program offers a fantastic culinary and cultural experience in Buenos Aires, one of the world's most unique capitals and the center of cultural life in Argentina. It's the birthplace and capital of Tango; and much like the dance itself, Buenos Aires is a sensual and captivating city with an eclectic, original and distinguished collection of architecture, delectable first-class cuisine, and plenty of fascinating cultural highlights to enjoy. It is home to some of the most important museums of Latin American art, and the best tango musicians, dancers, and singers worldwide; all of whom you can see perform in the city's top tango venues.

Food and drink play in integral roles in the Buenos Aires society and culture of this unbelievable country. This two night itinerary will give you the chance to grab the best bites of Buenos Aires' gourmet scene, and will be sure to leave you fully satiated and never wanting for dessert. Experience a "closed door" dinner at one of Buenos Aires most exclusive restaurants, where the finest in Argentine cuisine meets the finest in Argentine hospitality.

Enjoy the best malbec wines of Argentina with our sommelier guide and join us on this historically chronological tour about "urban art" in Buenos Aires. While all of its development will be done in the City through visits to different neighborhoods, you will also see how this type of art has evolved from "vandalism" to an added value, aesthetically speaking, in the most trendy venues of the city.

We invite you to join your fellow cruisers and fall in love with this romantic and fascinating city.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

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