Discover Croatian Wines & the City of Dubrovnik

This shore tour is not yet available for purchase. Specific details for this program are not yet finalized and the tour elements are subject to change. An email announcement will be sent to all group members when the tour is open for sale

Croatian wines have been steadily gaining a presence in today’s world market. The epicenter of the Croatian wine industry is Dubrovnik, the birthplace of California’s Zinfandel grape and one of this region’s superstar wineries is Korta Katarina. Learn the connection between Croatian wines and California Zinfandel and experience the beautiful, medieval city of Dubrovnik!

As past trustees of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, Korta Katarina winery owners, Lee and Penny Anderson, met with great success pursuing their passion for winemaking after moving to Croatia from the U.S. Among their many international awards, Wine Enthusiast has rated several of their vintages in the 90s. At one of Dubrovnik’s trendiest restaurants, Banje Beach Restaurant, you will enjoy a sommelier led wine tasting with Korta Katarina wines, then dine on a delicious four-course, wine-paired meal featuring modern Croatian cuisine.

Dubrovnik is also famous for its great beauty and tragic past. On a guided walking tour, delve into its magical ambiance and tantalizing stories. Begin at the city’s famous main street, the Stradun, and wander through centuries old cobblestone streets. You will gain a better understanding of the local culture as it is today and what it was like in years past. Visit historic sites including the famed Sponza and Rectors Palaces, Onofrio’s fountain, and the beautifully decorated Romanesque Cathedral. In 1979 Dubrovnik was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After witnessing the pristine condition of the city and its buildings, you will be amazed to learn that it was twice devastated, once by earthquake in 1667 that leveled the town, and then again in 1991 by bombs during the Yugoslavian civil war.