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Not only is it one of the largest countries on earth, but also one of the most diverse – from the chic bars of Brooklyn to the expansive wine country of the Napa Valley and the signature flavors of the south, there’s plenty to savor.  While there are destinations all over North America, none are as diverse as your epicurean tours in the United States. 

The Country’s Top Wine Regions

The reputation of this country’s wine continues to grow exponentially, cementing its place as one of the largest and most sought-after wine producers on earth. Not only is the country peppered with fabulous wineries and cellar doors, but there’s a bustling wine scene with frequent special events.

While California is the largest and most well-known state for wine, there are in fact excellent wine regions all over the United States. From burgeoning industries in places such as Washington State, to more established regions such as the Finger Lakes in New York, there are many places to sample some delicious drops of all different varietals.

America’s Can’t-Miss Cuisine

Similarly, the United States boasts exceptional variety when it comes to its cuisine. Influenced by the country’s multicultural history and geographic position, it has blended many different flavors and influences to create a style of cuisine that is totally unique and delicious.

Megacities such as New York and Los Angeles pride themselves on their reputation for attracting the world’s greatest chefs and culinary masters, while markets and street food vendors offer something unpretentious yet tasty. Then there’s the quirkier foodie hotspots like Portland, Seattle, and Austin – all pushing the envelope with their unique and no-holds barred approach to food.

Down south, things are often a little more traditional with hearty favorites served up in places like Savannah, just like your grandmother cooked them. However, perhaps nowhere personifies the diversity of the United States’ food scene like New Orleans, with its French, Spanish, African and Creole influence. It’s no wonder dishes like jambalaya are so loved the world over.

One thing is for sure – you’re never far from delicious food and wine when you’re in the States.

O'Brien Estate

O'Brien Estate
2022 Canada & New England Wine Cruise

New York to Montreal

  • DATES: October 01 - October 11, 2022
  • CRUISE LINE: Oceania Cruises

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