Croatian Wine Tours

Although you may not immediately recognize it as such, Croatia has long been one of the world’s top wine regions. Not only has it been producing high-quality Croatian wine for centuries, but it is also responsible for a number of varieties that have been exported all over the world. Add in the stunning scenery that’s featured in many films and television shows, as well as diverse cuisine, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the top destinations of the minute.

Croatian Wine Is Ancient History

With its warm, Mediterranean-esque climate, Croatia is ideal for grape growing. Delicious Croatian wine has been produced in the country since Ancient Greek times. In particular, it’s believed that Zinfandel originated in Croatia, albeit it under a different name. It is not, however, the only grape grown in the country – in fact, the majority of Croatian wines are white, not red.

On islands such as Vis and Hvar, you’ll find wineries using old-world methods and centuries-old vines. Continental Croatia – and particularly Slavonia – has a mix of old and new producers and techniques. This certainly keeps things exciting here!

One unique approach to wine in Croatia is the tendency to mix wine with still or sparkling water – perhaps to the horror of some wine experts, but well worth a try.

The Varied Foods of Croatia

It is difficult to describe the cuisine of Croatia succinctly because it varies greatly by region. A culinary tour through Croatia is like making stops to multiple different countries. The Slavic-inspired dishes of the mainland, heavy on pepper and paprika, are entirely different than the more classically Mediterranean coastal dishes, with generous helpings of olive oil and herbs like rosemary and oregano.

Yet throughout Croatia there are a few favorites that can be found all over, albeit with a few regional differences. Stews, soups, and pastas are popular all over the country.

One thing is for sure – with over 300 distinct wine regions and about a dozen distinct cuisines, there is no shortage of incredible food and wine pairings to try and experience in beautiful Croatia.

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