Exploring The Best of Basque Country

This land program is available to book for all confirmed group members. For complete description and pricing contact Food & Wine Trails

With more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else, Basque Country is a food and wine lover’s mecca. This tiny autonomous region in northwestern Spain sets the standard for innovation and excellence which is proudly expressed through its culinary heritage. Unlike most areas of Europe the Basques have maintained their unique cultural identity since well before Roman times, making them arguably the oldest ethnic group in Europe. It is this combination of a timeless identity and cutting-edge innovation that makes the Basque approach to food, wine, architecture and much more so fascinating!

Our three-night tour package features the best the region has to offer. Highlights include:

• Program guided by a local chef and former Basque Culinary Center instructor who will bring you to his favorite spots in Basque country
• Collaborative cooking experience - exclusive access to a ‘sociedad gastronomica’ where you will help prepare a traditional Basque lunch
• 5-star accommodations across from the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
• Visit to the Rioja wine region – including wine tasting and tour of 2 wineries
• Luxury boutique hotel accommodations in San Sebastian on La Concha Bay - Europe’s most beautiful urban beach
• Visit to a Txacoli winery with a tasting of their rare whites: crisp, tangy and slightly effervescent!
• Pintxos (Basque tapas) walking tour in Old Town San Sebastian paired with Txakoli

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