Richland, Washington

Richland stands boldly at the intersection of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers, inviting exploration and discovery. Our ship docks mere steps from the serene waterfront, where trails wind alongside charming shops and local wineries beckon with their unique flavors.

Visit the REACH Museum and discover Eastern Washington’s rich landscape and history, from the Ice Age to the Atomic Age. Explore the featured galleries and rotating exhibits inside, as well as the amazing outdoor area with breathtaking views of the majestic Columbia River and surrounding scenery. Discover the geological impact of the Ice Age floods and basalt lava flows to the area. Learn about the Manhattan Project at Hanford and its continuous influence on the region. Continue to the 9-11 Memorial in Kennewick which is home to a 30 foot 6,000 pound steel column recovered from the World Trade Center Twin Towers, a sobering reminder of the tragic events of the day.