Mazzorbo, Italy

Mazzorbo is one of various islands in the northern part of the Lagoon of Venice. Its location is right next to Burano, and linked by a wooden bridge called "Ponte Longo" (long bridge). The island of Mazzorbo had an important commercial function in the past. Founded as well at the moment of the Barbarian Invasions, it took economical and social advantage from its proximity to Torcello. The importance of the island increased enormously until the 10th century, when the headquarters of the Economical and Social power were transferred from Torcello to Venice Island. Century by century the ancient glory of Mazzorbo kept fading away, but remained a holiday location for the Venetian noble society.

Today the locals proudly treasure the very few ruins of that golden age, such as the beautiful Santa Caterina Monastery built in 1283 and still conserving the most ancient bell of the whole lagoon, which dates back to 1318.