Entre-os-Rios is situated 19 miles inland from the sea on the Douro River in the Penafiel, Tamega, Norte, or north-east Portugal. A bridge links Entre os Rios and Castelo de Paiva.

Most cruises are round trips from Porto at the mouth of the Douro River, one of Europe's most untouched and beautiful rivers. Rising in the hills north of Madrid, The Douro River meanders through northern Portugal to the fascinating city of Porto and then into the Atlantic. The Douro River takes you on a winding easterly course between steeply terraced vineyards, stopping at ports of call, including Entre-os-Rios. This area of Portugal has been largely unchanged for centuries. The towns are charming; there are colorful castles, panoramic vistas, baroque mansions and historic monasteries.

  • Entre-os-Rios, Portugal