Durnstein, Austria

Located along the famous Danube in Lower Austria, Durnstein is well-known for its wineries and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Wachau region. The city’s name literally means “dry castle” in German, presumably after the stone castle situated high above the main town area.

This sleepy little town is a paradise for those who enjoy getting out on foot, and nearly all the town’s major attractions (with the exception of the old castle) are easily accessible. Durnstein is known for its wineries, of particular note are the regional Rieslings, which are prized for their high quality. The Apricot is particularly prevalent (and prized) in the Wachau area, and Durnstein is no exception. Be sure to sample the local apricot dumplings, apricot strudel, and wash it down with a splash of apricot brandy.

  • Durnstein, Austria