Burnie (Tasmania)

Nestled around Emu Bay on Bass Strait, Burnie has been an industrial center for most of its existence. Since the closure of its paper pulp mill, the city has taken a creative approach to promoting itself and the many makers who call it home. You can see local craft and artisans at work is at the Makers Workshop, part contemporary museum, part arts center, gallery and craft workshop. You'll find paper making, cheese making, whisky making, ceramics, textiles, glass, print makers, painters, sculptors and lots more. Burnie has an art deco flavour, with fine architectural examples that you can explore on foot and also produces award-winning cheese and whiskey that can be sampled at the cellar door.

Take a beachside and downtown stroll and find a vibrant mix of shops and eateries serving up fresh coffee, seafood and local produce. Behind the city are several waterfalls and interesting bushwalks, including Guide Falls to the south -look out for the 12-hectare rhododendron garden on the way.

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