Situated along the banks of the Rhone, the French city of Avignon has a rich history dating back even before the famous three-month siege of the town that took place in the summer of 1226. A little over a century later, the Black Death swept through the town, killing over two-thirds of the population. To get a better idea of the kind of history present in Avignon, consider this: the University of Avignon was first established in 1303 and has historically focused on law. Some seven-hundred years have passed since then and yet the University remains.

Avignon became a papal territory in 1348 and remained that way until 1791, when it was sold back to France during the turmoil surrounding the French Revolution. Today, chances are you’ll recognize parts Avignon even if you’ve never been there before. The Palais des Papes and the Saint Bénézet bridge are some of the most photographed structures in Southern France.

  • Avignon, France

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