Ryan Beauregard

I discovered a love for making wine at a very young age. I grew up at the Beauregard Ranch (the original vineyard purchased by my great-grandfather in 1949) and played as a child among the vines. Different places in the vineyards have different soil types and different smells-sandy loam topsoils with underlaying limestone surrounded by redwood tress on one end and chaparral at the other-and those smells are ingrained into my earliest memories. To this day I can smell a wine in the cellar and know specifically where it came from on the home ranch. Later in life, I had opportunities to travel to Europe and see how the French make wine. I was instantly ready to put modern style winemaking by the wayside and employ old world techniques in my own cellar practices.

My first emphasis in winemaking is to produce wines that show the flavor of the land, which the French call Terroir. Secondly I choose to make wines that show Typicity, wines that are varietally correct in character ie; how much a Pinot Noir tastes like a Pinot Noir. The combination of these two philosophies is the backbone for Beauregard wines.

My technique to accomplish this valued combination starts with the absence of chemical manipulation from the crush pad to the bottling line. Instead of using commercially manufactured yeasts that my impart flavors from other areas of the world, I use yeasts that are present in our vineyard and cellar. All wines are aged sur lees, creating vintages of notable minerality, expressive of our coastal mountain terroir.

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