Allie Ketcham (R)- Owner, Ketcham Estate

A midwestern girl at heart, Allie was born in the university town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, later going to Denison University and then studying abroad at Oxford. Allie does about 100 jobs in one, raising the kids and managing all the other challenges that come with vineyard life. Allie runs the private tastings on property, the Ketcham Estate social media, marketing and customer outreach campaigns, and oversees Ketcham Estate's charitable works, which are primarily focused on children's education.

Renee Graves (L) - Director of Happiness, Ketcham Estate

Renee was born and raised in Healdsburg. Renee brings with her a wealth of expertise and excels at managing the Ketcham Estate operation. Renee and her husband are parents to three sons. Renee is very well loved within the Healdsburg community--always giving back to the schools and various local organizations. In her free time, Renee loves to ski, hike, read, travel and is always up for a great adventure.

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