Randall Bertao

Randall’s career in hospitality began in California and carried him to England where he ran restaurants and imported wine before returning to the United States continuing his career in hospitality and pursuing his passion for further wine knowledge. This thirst carried him to the Court of Master Sommeliers and after studying fervently for his exams, he passed the Master Sommelier exam in 2005. Soon after he was offered a position in the Los Altos Golf & Country Club where he became their General Manager and subsequently attained the title of Certified Club Manager/Executive, special designations in the private club industry and becoming the only person in the United States to have achieved both MS and CCM/CCE designations. Providing exceptional service to all members and guests of the Los Altos Golf & Country Club, Randall uses his unique talents to enhance his members’ experiences. Randall loves sharing his knowledge and expertise with the private club industry, special clients and aspiring sommeliers.