Mark Ketcham

Mark Ketcham, a California native born and raised in Palo Alto, retired from his computer company in the early 90's. He enjoyed the retired life, playing golf and traveling. On a friend's recommendation, Mark started racing vintage Ferraris in the US and Europe. What began as a hobby turned into a small business that became Ketcham Imports. If racing vintage Ferraris wasn't enough fun, Mark had long dreamt of owning a vineyard in northern California wine country. Knowing a bit about turning a hobby into a successful business, that dream came true in 2000, when he purchased a Pinot Noir & Chardonnay vineyard in the heart of the Russian River Valley. Which would be the heart and soul of what became Ketcham Estate. Ketcham Estate has been producing award winning Pinot Noirs for the last 12 years, believing that making good wines is the perfect marriage of 'The Land and the Hand'.

In 2007 Allie joined in on the fun. A Midwestern girl at heart, Allie was born in the university town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, later going to Denison University and then studying abroad at Oxford. Allie does about 100 jobs in one, raising the kids and managing all of the other fun that comes along with vineyard life. When she has a free moment for herself, you can find Allie, reading, doing masters swimming, traveling, fund raising in our community, or out running the back roads of wine county. Mark and Allie live with their children, Savannah and Nick in Healdsburg, California.

  • Mark Ketcham

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