Since the founding of Patz & Hall in 1988, Heather Patz has contributed her unique mix of style, skill and graciousness to the success of the winery. Her enthusiasm for sharing the culture of wine combined with her warm, hospitable nature has helped to define the personality of Patz & Hall, and its acclaimed approach to customer relations.

In the early years of Patz & Hall, Heather managed administrative and accounting responsibilities for the winery. In addition to overseeing the office, Heather contributed to the production process wherever possible, from sorting fruit to sampling grapes. A passionate spokesperson for Patz & Hall, Heather’s role soon evolved to include hospitality and consumer relations. In this capacity, she was
instrumental in establishing Patz & Hall’s Salon Society, thereby ensuring loyal customers access to the winery’s most sought-after releases. Building on the success of the Salon Society, Heather helped to design and establish the original Patz & Hall Tasting Salon with its focus on seated, private tastings of the winery’s acclaimed Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. More recently, she contributed to the establishment of the Sonoma House at Patz & Hall, with its array of tasting and educational options.

From organizing and hosting club dinners, educational events, tastings and fundraisers to helping long-time customers plan trips to wine country, or personally making phone calls or writing thank-you notes to Salon Society members, Heather has always championed an intimate, hands-on approach to customer relations. This belief in the value of making real and lasting connections with customers
has come to define Patz & Hall and has played an integral role in its success. In 2017, after three decades of active involvement, Heather stepped back from her day-to-day role at the winery, and relocated to the Russian River Valley in order to spend more time with her family and to pursue her dream of a family vineyard.

  • Heather Patz