Eric Ross Winery began in the Heart of Russian River on the site of an old Italian winery. Now located in the Heart of Sonoma Valley, crafting wines of nuance. Long cool growing seasons are crucial for the varietals Pinot Noir, Marsanne~Roussanne and Syrah.

"The long, cool growing season, just above the fog line, keeps the vines temperate, yet there’s plenty of sun to ripen," Eric explains. "The cool-down at night prevents acids in the skins from dissipating resulting in wines of great flavor and structure.”

The philosophy of Eric Ross is the right varietal in the right micro-climate which is what has led to Pinot and Marsanne~Roussane from the Russian River Valley, Cabernet from Sonoma, Old Vine Zin and PORT from Dry Creek, Syrah from Mendocino, Albarino and Tempranillo from Lodi. As a very special 90 year old Italian neighbor once told me after properly following his instructions for growing, “Now you gonna have tomatoes!”

A winemakers place is not to interfere with the process it should be respecting the individual varietals with copious amounts of personal attention. "A beautiful Russian River Pinot needs to taste like Pinot with it's subtle unique nuances, not like a Syrah."

Eric Luse continues with his two "career" passions, winemaking and photography. Eric Ross Winery does take the vast majority of my commitment but wine and photography are both so visually stimulating I can't imagine just having one in my life!

A foodie at heart, Eric likens the wines to a beautiful meal: "If you start out with really good fresh ingredients, I mean really good, you have the fundamental components for something extraordinary." Taking advantage of this premium growing region, and by hand-crafting each vintage, Eric Ross Winery takes that same approach when producing our wines. " Taste The Vineyard" that's what the wine should reflect.

  • Eric Luse