Edward Field: Partner
Ed brings to Natural Merchants originally from Southern Oregon (go Ducks!), he has more than 18 years of professional experience in the food industry of United States. He coordinated the functions of Purchasing (wine and other categories), Marketing and Publicity for an aggressive chain of supermarkets in the Pacific Northwest. Ed fell in love with both Spain and his beautiful wife & business partner-to-be Pilar in 1994 while he was on a backpacking adventure in Europe, and never looked back. He relocated to Spain in 1999 where they together launched Natural Merchants. Their focus was distribution of fine organic and natural foods of the Mediterranean. They formed a partnership in 2000 with the Iranzo family to form Iranzo Fields, SL to market the wines of Spain’s oldest estate bottled winery.

Ed contributes a vast rolodex of contacts in the food industry of United States and the ability to negotiate with the different levels of the channels of distributions thanks to his knowledge, contacts and experience with the business language and culture in the U.S. market.

Ed received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from the University of Southern Oregon, and he is certified in International Trade by the Spanish Institute of International Trade (ICEX) and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce Council. Edward currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Relations Committee of the Organic Trade Association, the most influential voice in the Organic Food Sector in America.

Ed currently travels across the globe for Natural Merchants, presenting their organic wines to audiences big and small. He loves to read (a periodical-aholic), take walks (the longer the better), study world geography, political science and languages.

Pilar Meroño Cerdán: Partner
Pilar has more than 25 years of experience in international trade, including over five years of experience as the International Business Manager/Marketer for Bear Creek Corporation, the largest rose production company in the world and a US leader in the gourmet catalogue, Internet and specialty store sales.

Pilar’s fortes include experience in accreditation and certification projects for international normatives, development (organization and presentation of instructive seminars), sales and promotion (organizing and attending trade shows), elaboration of business plans,international marketing, and the creation of business collaborations (consortiums, cooperation, International affiliates, Joint Ventures, etc.).

Pilar earned a Masters in Administration of Businesses (M.B.A.) from Univeristy of Houston as well as a Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems from Syracuse University (New York). She is also certified in International Trade by the Spanish Institute of International Trade (ICEX) and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce Council.

Before her career in international trade, Pilar was a young tennis campion in Spain. Thanks to the sport she had the opportunity to travel throughout Spain, lived in Barcelona for two years while she finished high school, and later represented Spain at the Good Will Games in Russia.

Pilar and Ed both love to spend their free time with their two girls Paloma and Pilar, as well as with family and friends, sharing a great bottle of organic wine!