Bryan’s journey to Caldwell Vineyard started when he was fresh out of high school and on his way to his family’s organic vineyard and farm on the Greek island of Corfu. He spent four years learning all he could about winemaking, farming, and hospitality. This unique start in the wine industry taught him not only the older than old world way of making wine, but of the responsibilities to the land and ensuring the pure story of that year’s vintage way conveyed into the bottle. He detoured from wine for a few years working as a fireman in Washington DC, but he soon realized that vineyards had stolen his heart. He started out as the lowest guy working at a winery in Loudoun County in northern Virginia and after three years had worked his way up to become the G.M., making wine, managing the vineyard, building the winery, running hospitality.

While in Virginia he mentored under Lucie Morton, a well-known worldwide viticulturist and vineyard consultant. His education in the vineyards well underway, he found himself looking for a mentor in winemaking and set his sights on Chile. He flew to Chile and quickly landed a job as the Assistant Winemaker for Emiliana Winery, an award-winning biodynamic producer with 50,000 annual case production.

A year later, Bryan decided that he would find what he was looking for in Napa Valley. His old mentor Lucie Morton told him he needed to talk to John and Joy Caldwell and made the introduction. He took a harvest position at Caldwell Vineyard and immediately just fit in at the winery and with John. As Caldwell’s Director of Hospitality, Bryan dedicates himself to delivering ultra-premium service to his clients by being available to them day or night and upholding the winery’s culture of integrity and having the highest caliber artisanal standards for winemaking.

  • Bryan Toy