Bianca was born in San Francisco, California to a big family who celebrated hosting dinners and gatherings around important life events centered around amazing wine, great food, and family and friends at a very early age. It was something that was an intricate part of her upbringing which inspired her to seek her career within the wine industry immediately after she graduated college from Northern Arizona University in 2012. Upon graduation she traveled to wine country specifically, Sonoma California, to learn as much has she could about grape cultivation, wine making, and the industry at large. She found herself working and learning from the greatest wine makers and winery owners alike in the United States. She traveled extensively for wine sales and went on private jetting trips to winery production facilities with winemakers to have first hand experience learning from the best. Her keen skill for tasting one of a kind wines from all over the U.S. to global wines fueled her desire to keep learning and growing her passion for the wine industry. After 5 years of culminating her experiences and honing her palette and skills being a wine club manager, she decided to start her own family with her fiancé in Arizona, where she grew up. She and her fiancé are currently raising their son, Dante, who turns 1 years old on Christmas Day. She quickly found her niche at Aridus Wine Co. and has been operating as the new Wine Club Manager side by side with the owner, Scott Dahmer. She looks forward to expanding her wine journey with Aridus and their cherished wine club members for many years to come!